Encouraging Crypto Traders to Create Strategies Backed by Practice and Research

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What is Bitsoft360?

Bitsoft360 is a crypto trading platform made to offer new and older traders the features and tools needed for a seamless trading journey. Having a smooth UI that is easy to navigate is vital when trading crypto to ensure traders can find the features and options they are looking for and take the next step. When a platform is full of lags and glitches, it only holds people back and often demotivates them.

This platform was especially made to provide users convenience as it includes a virtually endless list of educational content, ideal for beginners and experienced crypto traders. Remember, you cannot ride your luck when it comes to crypto trading, so it is important to create a strategy before you take any step. For those wondering, creating a smart strategy requires you to follow crypto related news, updates and events.

Traders must also perform an in-depth market analysis to see what the value of their preferred crypto is. Taking steps like these can help you create a plan that could eventually help you spot opportunities. With Bitsoft360, users do not have to worry about searching crypto related events manually. Instead, you will receive regular and timely updates regarding your choice of crypto coin, helping you trade accordingly.

Besides educational material and features, this platform also focuses on keeping its user’s information secure. This means that once you sign up with Bitsoft360, you can rest easy knowing that your information will not go to third parties. Bitsoft360 also provides its users the freedom of trading on the go.

So, no matter where you are, you can monitor and develop your portfolio at any time you want. Since this platform is available in over fifty countries, accessing it should not be an issue. All you need to do is sign up through your preferred broker and you can access the vast array of helpful features that Bitsoft360 has to offer. Since this platform is all about convenience, it also allows its users to choose from a wide range of cryptocurrency options, helping them create a diverse portfolio for the short and long term.

Why Crypto Traders Should Choose a Platform for their Trading Voyage

Ever since its introduction, crypto trading has evolved by leaps and bounds. Today, people have loads of cryptocurrency options to invest in and it is essential to choose a reliable platform to avoid confusion and obstacles. Some primary reasons why traders must choose a crypto trading platform include:


Crypto trading can already be overwhelming, especially for beginners and the last thing anybody wants is to lose their investment to hacks or information leaks. A trading platform with a good track record ensures that the information of its users remains safe so they can trade freely. Bitsoft360 pays high priority to its user’s safety, adopting protocols for safeguarding important data and information.


There was a rapid increase in cryptocurrency options a few years after the introduction of bitcoin. Traders saw this as an opportunity to create a diversified and balanced portfolio. However, you can only create a diverse crypto portfolio if the platform you choose allows its users to choose from multiple cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, Bitsoft360 includes a list of renowned crypto coins like Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many more.

Regular Updates

Crypto trading requires a great deal of patience, mainly because most currencies can be quite volatile. Trading without being aware of the market movement can prove to be a poor decision and often ends up costing traders. Therefore, you should ensure that you are up to date with everything that happens in the crypto world, something that Bitsoft360 can help you with.

Once you sign up with this platform, you will receive regular updates about the currency you invested or plan to invest in. This will help you create a suitable strategy according to the latest movements in the crypto market.

Educational Material

Aspiring traders must learn about crypto trading’s fundamentals before they start trading. Initially, there was limited information available for traders, but this changed as time passed. Trading platforms like Bitsoft360 provide their users with a lengthy list of educational content in the form of e-books, guides, explainer videos, charts and whatnot.

This material can help users understand the basics of building a portfolio and diversifying it eventually. A crypto trading platform also allows its users to monitor their portfolio’s progress, allowing them to make adjustments whenever needed.

What Crypto Traders Must do When Starting Out

The crypto market has an entirely different way to operate when compared to other markets. This makes it highly important to understand how it works. If you are new, it is worth keeping in mind that the crypto market is essentially a network with decentralized digital currency, meaning that it works on a peer to peer transaction system instead of a central server.

When someone purchases or sells a cryptocurrency, the transaction adds to the blockchain, which is a digital ledger for recording data. The data is recorded with a process referred to as mining.

It is also worth remembering that most, if not every crypto coin is quite volatile, making it vital to be aware of the market movements. If you are a Bitsoft360 user, you can monitor the market situation at any time and from anywhere. Here is what every crypto trader must do at the beginning of their trading journey.

Choose a Currency

This is arguably the most important part of crypto trading as it affects your portfolio. While many investors are tempted to choose the currency that is most popular currently, it may not be the best choice, simply because most currencies are volatile. If you talk to a crypto trader with experience, they will tell you to diversify your investments to ensure you have backups in case one of your investments does not work out.

Bitsoft360 allows its users to choose from a wide array of popular crypto coins like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum. Once you choose your currency, consider doing simulated trading before starting actual trading. This will give you a fair idea about what you can expect when trading and the things that you should and should not do.

Learn about How Things Work

Crypto trading is vastly different from many other forms of trading, and it is important to learn how it works before you start trading. More often than not, newer traders don’t bother to learn about the currency they are investing in, which ends up being a poor decision. Signing up with a platform like Bitsoft360 can help you get started with your crypto education, as you will find plenty of guidance about different crypto coins, their market movements and how to trade them.

Create a Trading Strategy

Having a carefully created trading plan is vital for the long and short term. This is particularly true for crypto traders because of the incredibly high volatility faced by the crypto market. Ensure you incorporate risk management into your strategy, along with a list of goals, objectives and trading methodology. Taking such steps can give traders a sense of direction and could possibly help them steer clear of confusion.

Performing a detailed crypto analysis is vital for creating a smart trading strategy. Your research must focus on a currency’s patterns, price movements, and various other factors that could affect the digital asset’s value. At the end of the day, whatever strategy you choose, make sure to weigh the risks before you start trading.

Things that Every Crypto Trader Must Avoid

Traders come across many obstacles during their journey, and it is important to be aware of them early on to avoid complications down the line. Some of the most important things that crypto traders must avoid include:

Only Thinking for the Short Term

People who are just beginning their crypto trading journey often think of the short term and rarely have patience. While there is always a chance of spotting decent opportunities, there are loads of risks involved as well. People usually do poor trading moves when they rush things, which causes them to lose their investments.

Therefore, it might be better to avoid adopting such a mentality and think of the long term instead. In most cases, the longer one waits, the higher the likelihood of spotting favorable opportunities.

Emoción y especulación

Making Overly Complex Strategies

Crypto investors often fall into the trap of overcomplicating their strategy just because a social media influencer gave them some tips. These things rarely work, and it is better to choose a simple and straightforward strategy. Bitsoft360 provides its users in–depth insight about creating a smart trading plan, ensuring they do not overcomplicate things for themselves.


Is it Possible to Trade Crypto Full-Time?

People often wonder whether it is possible to become a full-time crypto trader. Well, the short and simple answer is yes. However, cryptocurrency trading is not as straightforward as other types of financial trading and there are greater risks involved. First off, crypto’s volatility can make it a long-term trading option instead of a short term one. So, if you are just dipping your feet in the vast world of cryptocurrency trading, adopting it as a full-time job may not be the wisest choice.

That said, if you gain some experience and develop your crypto trading skills, you can indeed start trading full time, as long as you stick to some vital principles like:

Considering Your Current Situation

Before making any crypto investment, you must first consider your current situation. It is vital to be aware of the amount of money you can invest in a currency. If you can afford to lose a certain amount during your crypto trading endeavors, then you may proceed. Otherwise, it might be better to have some backup before beginning your trading journey. Not having a clear idea about your finances usually ends poorly, so make sure you are thorough with analyzing your present circumstances.

It is also worth keeping in mind that trading and/or investing in a currency does not guarantee anything. So, it would be best to track your expenditure and strategize accordingly.

Setting Realistic Goals

If you want to become a full-time crypto trader, you must work on setting realistic targets from the very beginning. Think about what you want to get out of your trading endeavor and whether your targets are realistic. Believe it or not, many people only enter the crypto trading world to find an alternative career option. While becoming a full-time crypto trader is indeed possible, it comes with certain difficulties. This makes creating attainable targets all the more important before you start trading.

Exploring the Landscape Regularly

If you are a newcomer to the crypto world, educating yourself is the first thing you must do. Of course, you don’t need to worry about familiarizing yourself with the technical details at the beginning of your journey, but you do need to understand how crypto coin trading works. Getting a broad understanding of crypto and blockchain basics is arguably the best way to explore the landscape, particularly for first timers.

Initially, people often get the impression that crypto trading is just like fiat or other trading forms. Sure, there may be some similarities here and there, but they are only far and few. Upon taking a closer look, it is easy to see that the crypto trading landscape is an entirely different playing field, and one may need some time to become acclimatized to it. Crypto trading comes with risks, but if you take the time to lay out the groundwork before trading and ensure you explore the crypto space, you can significantly improve your chances of becoming a full-time crypto trader.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Crypto Trading Available 24/7?

Yes, you can trade your preferred cryptocurrency at any time of the day. These currencies are traded in different nations and time zones, so you can trade whenever you want no matter where you are.

How Old Do I have to be to join Bitsoft360?

Users aged twenty-one or over are permitted to join this platform. All you need to sign up is provide your email address, name, contact details and other basic information to your preferred broker.

What are Some Factors that Affect the Crypto Market?

The crypto market is similar to other financial markets in the sense that it is primarily driven by supply and demand. That said, there are plenty of other factors that influence the value of crypto coins, some of which are:

  • Government regulation
  • Politics
  • Progress in technology
  • Market fear
  • News and major events